Island Distillers was born from the idea that excellent spirits could be made right here in Hawaii from our abundant natural resources and perfect climate. How could such a great place not produce great spirits? So we set out to do just that. It took a lot longer than we imagined.

Years spent in the Caribbean learning to make sugar cane alcohol.

More years spent mastering the art of blending.

After a few more years of planning, Island Distillers, Honolulu’s premier distillery, was launched in 2008 as Oahu’s first craft distillery.

Through those years a great many things were learned. We learned that things taste better when they are pure and simple; that the quality of ingredients matter; that all liquor is not created equal.

We produce the the best liquors available anywhere at any price, perfect Hawaiian spirits like no other. We make each batch by hand, with a true craft approach that guarantees perfection every time.